What if you could recover organic search traffic on all your websites even after Google’s Core and Helpful Content Updates?

Tell me if this is you right now…

Your website traffic has slowly deteriorated from hundreds of thousands of visitors a month to a measly couple of hundred visitors per day.

After several months of troubleshooting and analysis, you’re unable to come to a conclusion on what’s wrong with your website.

Countless hours spent reading through forums for solutions have proved fruitless, and you have no idea what the cause of your downfall in Google’s search rankings could be.

What now?

You try and update all your articles in accordance with Google’s Helpful Content guidelines but that doesn’t move the needle.

Going a step further, you decide to make even more improvements to your website, such as increasing site speed, implementing schema and …

It seems as though it doesn’t matter what you try at this point, nothing you’ve attempted seems to work.

Which means…

Fewer Visitors

Lost Revenue

More Frustration

Luckily enough, there’s a solution just for you!

Introducing the Resilient Ranking Playbook

It’s very easy to have your traffic fall through a cliff.

All it takes is one Google update to royally screw you over.

But regaining those lost rankings and visitors is another matter entirely.

Especially in the current SEO landscape, it can be extremely difficult to mount a recovery because only a select few people really know what action you need to take in order to see a traffic recovery.

Of course people can speculate and theorise on social media and other online communities, but there hasn’t been a silver bullet that could almost guarantee at least a sustained partial recovery.

Until now.

This is where the Resilient Ranking Playbook comes in.

This eBook teaches you to how to restore your lost search rankings so that you can make the most of the monetization methods employed on your own properties.

Once you learn how to recover your traffic, you’ll be able to save lots of time troubleshooting traffic issues with other websites in future.

Regaining those lucrative rankings for informational and commercial keywords will be a breeze and you’ll be able to save money as won’t need to hire an expensive SEO agency to troubleshoot the problem.

In this eBook, I break down the exact processes that have turned around my dismal traffic numbers and boosted my revenue once again, right from toxic backlink identification to using link indexers.

You can either spend hours figuring this all out by yourself or just take the shortcut.

At the time of typing out this text, you can see the upward traffic trend on two separate domains, which followed months of slow descent.

The traffic recovery is still going strong!

This has all been achieved by simply following through with implementation of all the necessary steps outlined in the Resilient Ranking Playbook.

If I can do it, so can you!

If you’re looking for just ONE resource to teach you how to take recover your website traffic, then look no further.

If you want a well-defined blueprint for getting your organic search traffic back on track, this eBook is for you.

If you want to make Google fall in love with your website again without having to spend hours searching through forums and social media for possible recovery steps, rest easy because this eBook delivers on every detail.

The best part?

You’ll get a step by step process to fast track your website’s recovery, all without breaking the bank!

Because it’s only $97!

In this Playbook, You’ll Learn…

  • What the Hell Happened: Documenting the Google Helpful Content and Core Updates that shook the web publishing world in September 2023.
  • How to Recover Search Traffic to Your Websites: Learn about toxic backlinks and why disavowing these spammy links is the key to traffic recovery.
  • How to Generate Backlink Reports and Analyze Them: Learn how to create your own backlink report with the help of Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush and Majestic to generate a toxicity score, so that you know exactly which links to clean up.
  • What You Need for Disavow File Management: Find out the step by step process for creating an effective disavow file that you’ll submit to Google Search Console to initiate the recovery process.
  • How to Leverage Link Indexers: Understand the importance of link indexers in the recovery process and use them to speed up your website’s recovery time.

and so much more!

I’ve been able to recover two of my own websites in the past month just by using the simple process that I talk about in this eBook.

See the results for yourself…

And, in this eBook I also provide detailed video documentation to guide you every step of the way, so that your website can have a seamless recovery.

It’s only $97!

Who Am I to be Teaching You This?

Hey there! My name is Samuel Waihenya and I’m a web publisher just like you.

I write about the things I love on my websites and have been making an honest living out of it for a couple of years until my Google search traffic came tumbling down.

I was in the same predicament that you’re in now, frantically searching for answers and not being able to find them.

Wondering why almost all the Google traffic disappeared from my websites without a trace.

That’s when I decided to up my investigative ante until I found out exactly how to recover my organic traffic.

It involved close to a couple hundred hours of devoted study and research, but you don’t need to do the same.

I’m here to speed up your learning time and help you get your traffic and rankings back on the right track!

I’d grown a loyal following from my web publishing efforts, having a website that peaked with a monthly readership of 143,852 visitors, which allowed me to earn a full-time income in my part of the world.

I’ve created this playbook because I want to share the recovery process to thousands of publishers who don’t know what they need to do to recover their rankings in Google search.

It’s only $97!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Imagine this…

In just a couple of hours, you’ll learn the exact series of steps you need to take in order to recover your lost traffic and revenue.

You’ll learn what happened within Google’s algorithms to cause such a huge traffic dip to your properties, as well as learn how to disavow all the toxic backlinks that are inhibiting the traffic growth of your domains.

So, you can finally take the necessary steps to re-vitalize your web publishing career with just one click…

It’s only $97!